Software Engineer with over 3 years of experience specialized in the backend creating Rest and GraphQL Apis. Mainly I work with technologies like Nodejs, PHP, Docker, Express, Symfony, Laravel, MongoDB, MySQL, Serverless.

I consider myself Proactive, methodical and hardworking. I like working in a team, Although I can work autonomously. With these years of experience and after facing different challenges in my career, I have been able to adapt and learn new things.

Since I started this profession, I've always loved to learn new technologies and frameworks. Following this passion, I've created the Aprende Web Dev Project, in which I teach about programming, technology and everything that I learn along the way.

Passionate of Agile Methodologies and clean code. Interested in Microservices, Kubernetes, and Clean Architectures such as Hexagonal Architecture and EDA (Event Driven Architecture).